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Tube laser cutting

     Utilising the state-of-the-art Cutlite Penta fibre lasers, SIA Toget offers a variety of laser pipe cutting services. We are capable of laser cutting round, square and rectangular pipes. Cutting can be performed with an active bevel head that allows cutting at angles of up to 45 degrees to the material.

     Pipe structures of different complexity can be produced, including the required bored holes, connection sites and angles. This process ensures high precision thanks to all actions being combined into a single operation; apart from that, the production time per pipe is decreased due to the automatic pipe feed system, thus saving your money as a result.

Our pipe lasers are capable of cutting:

  • Holes of various shapes
  • Connections of different types
  • Pipes at just about any angle
  • Ferrous metal pipes of up to 10 mm in thickness
  • Stainless steel pipes of up to 6 mm in thickness
  • Maximum pipe diameter – 200 mm (diagonal axis of square and rectangular pipes not exceeding 200 mm)
  • Minimum pipe diameter – 20 mm
  • Maximum piece length 5700 mm (6000 mm pipe plus 300 mm of length for clamping)

The bevel head is used to perform the following operations:

  • Cutting pipes of 30 mm to 200 mm in diameter
  • Cutting ferrous metal pipes of up to 5 mm in thickness
  • Cutting stainless steel pipes of up to 3 mm in thickness
  • Maximum piece length 5400 mm (6000 mm pipe plus 600 mm of length for clamping)

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