Manufacture of Metal Structures for the Baltic and EU Markets

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Mr Davis Ansons
Customer Manager

Phone: (+ 371) 26 164 802


Our production unit enables the manufacturing of both parts for individual structures and large structures combining different materials. We mainly use metal and stainless steel in the manufacture of our structures. Additionally we also use materials such as glass, wood, plastic and others according to customer's choice.


Metal parts: these parts normally perform the load-bearing function in structures. We mainly use metal to manufacture structure frames, metal railings, metal steps, metal fasteners, metal barriers, and other products.


Wooden parts: our customers mainly choose wooden parts for stair steps, staircase railings and the load-bearing structure of the stairs. Wooden parts always have an appealing appearance, they are easy to maintain, and will serve for a long time if used and maintained properly.


Glass parts: glass is a very interesting material because its main property is transparency. No other material has this property, therefore all structures involving the use of glass have a modern and unusual appearance. Glass elements may be used to create visual effects, and to practical ends as well. Although glass is fragile, it may also serve as the load-bearing section of a structure.


We produce parts for structures using the latest technologies. Thanks to this our products are of a particular degree of precision and of high quality. The quality of the end products produced by our company is appreciated both by our customers and by professionals installing the structures on the sites for which they have been designed. The impeccable quality of our products guarantees long-term service life of structures.