Manufacture of Metal Structures for the Baltic and EU Markets

Metal stairs and oak wooden steps

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Stairs with metal "side cheeks"

 Modern staircase with elegant glass railings and granite steps.


The metal  staircase with granite stairs, residential house in Modellvillan, Sweden.
Rather these stairways of the building also serves as an evacuation route, they were coated with flame-retardant coatings.

If someone chooses, weightlessness and ease, then the other, and the thoroughness of the choice of installing your residential industriālism metal ladder with metal railings and stairs.
SIA Toget  2015 final challenge was to design, fabricate and install the 18 stairs in less than two months.
Such a unique staircase was installed in Stockholm, in nine private homes.

Toget metal staircase

Staircase with turn

ToGet railings glass staircase ladder

Toget metal ladders ladders glass